How to use Google Allo: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Smart Chat

How to use Google Allo: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Smart Chat

How to use Google Allo: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Smart Chat

Google Allo is a unique application when it comes to the applications which we use daily. The important aspect of Google Allo is chatbot, which is incredible. It is already known that there are Apps which can predict while we are typing, then suggest us words or stickers.

Google Allo is much Productive and saves us time by suggesting us sentences just from seeing the chat. So far, it is very much good and comfortable to use. You may say that Chatbot is trouble and makes our work harder. But after seeing this application you would be surprised to know its sterling works.

It is, of course, true that it can be much better. Because, when I was trying to have a casual conversation, it didn’t suggest me exact or similar suggestion quite a few times. But when it came to formal conversations and for quick replies, this application is effective. It totally works!!

Features of Google Allo: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Smart Chat

Another unique thing about Google Allo application is that it can even sense photos and send a birthday cake picture for your birthday. The assistant is something which is emerging nowadays. Google assistant can read your new emails and sort them out and show you.  It makes our work easier and simpler because of the load of emails which we get these days. Google assistant also helps us when we need to know about simple tasks like ‘How to tie a ponytail? ’. It shows you certain instructions. But when you come to directions of a place it doesn’t show you the path but Google Allo just redirects you to Maps Application. But the prediction of Google Allo is Very good and can even defeat the other messaging Apps because till now, there is no other application which makes messaging this easier.

There is a contradiction that Chatbot is not user-friendly and it is disturbing to get such suggestions in the middle of a chat. But after using Google Allo you would notice that the suggestions do not alter your own chat and you can use it ignoring the suggestions, because they just come in attractive teal line oval bubbles, and send messages just like any other messaging Application. Google Allo is self-learning and eventually becomes highly personalized as you use it. It becomes better everytime you use it.

It is not surprising that it can be much better in coming days, where you might get chance to send voice messages to Google Assistant or any other contact and make your work much easier.

How to Install or Set up Google Allo Application

Starting the application is simple, just follow the simple things below and relish the assets of Google Allo.

Once you install Google Allo from Google Play, you need to open the application. Then you notice that the setup involves the similar permissions, as you see in other applications. So, go ahead and agree. As you are already aware of the fact that Google Allo is a messaging application, it should have access to your mobile number.

Then the system gets activated and registers your mobile number. Now you will be done with the installation by taking a selfie as your display picture or you can opt to skip this step. You then notice that the is Google Assistance. Google assistance can assist you not only in Google Allow but also other things.

You have Google Allo, but not all of your friends use it. Well, don’t worry about that. As you saw, this application is very advance and a step ahead when it comes to artificial intelligence. That is why, Google Allo allows you to send a regular text message, just in case you have to send some non-Allo user.


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